Viaggio in Germania (English Post)

Viaggio in Germania (English Post)

Our trip to Germany

Our trip to Germany was the best trip of my life.

On Monday, at 6.00 AM we started the travel. During the travel there were more boring moments but also some funny ones. When we arrived,

I was excited because it was a new experience for me. My host family and I went home, it was a bed-and-breakfast and my host family was the owner.

In the night after dinner, we went out but we were separated from the Germans because we didn’t know each other. The next day, we went to school.

It was big and amazing with a lot of laboratories and a beautiful sport centre. For lunch we ate pizza at school and later we went to the castle of Veitshochheim.

For me it was a little bit boring but that’s okey. I didn’t come home for dinner that day but I don’t know why. At 10:00 pm we went home.

On Wednesday we visited Nurnberg to see Hitler’s buildings and in particular the so called Reichsparteigelände.

Later we went to the town centre and we ate at McDonald’s.

Later we came back home and after dinner, we went out. The next day we spent the morning at school and worked at our project about bees and later we went to the bowling. It was my favourite activity.

I had never played bowling before and it was really funny. The next day we worked at our project at school and later we saw the centre of the European union, it is located in a field at 2km from Veitshoechheim.

On the way back we played together in a playground. At night there was a party at school to greet us. The last day was my favourite one because we spent a lot of time with our German friends.

Würzburg is a really pretty town. At night we went out and we cried together because we were really sad for our departure on the next day.

It was my favourite night in Germany.

In the morning we cried too because we didn’t want to come back home. We were and we are right now like brothers. 

Diego Castellani 3A secondaria

My journey to Germany

Monday 9/5

On Monday at 6 am we started our trip. Such a long trip!…. Almost 13 hours.

At lunch we ate at the autogrill.

We were with our families by 7 am.

We ate at Luke’s home, Lukes is the boy who hosted me.

Tuesday 10/5

On Tuesday we got up at 6.45 am, we had breakfast at home and then Lukes took us to school. Later we did the tour of school, which is much bigger than ours. There is sport centre with a swimming pool, a soccer field, a basketball court and beach volley court.

We had lunch at the school and in the afternoon and in the evening we stayed with our families, I wasn’t alone at Lukes’, I was with my friend Gabriele.

Wednesday 11/5

On Wednesday we left at 8 am to get a bus to Nürnberg.

In the morning we visited the Reichsparteigelände.

At lunch I ate with my friends at McDonalds’ and after lunch we looked at some shops and then we rejoined our group.

We came back home by 4 p.m. by bus and we had dinner at Luke’s.

Thursday 12/5

On Thursday morning we worked with the German class at our Erasmus project.

The mayor of Veitshöchheim invited us for lunch.

The lunch was really very good! After lunch we visited Veitshöchheim and in the evening, we played bowling all together. This was the best thing we did!

Friday 13/5

On Friday morning we worked at our Erasmus project and then we visited the Institute of Beekeeping. This was very interesting!

In the evening we celebrated the goodbye party at school with all participants.

In the evening we did a football match against the German class and we won!

Saturday 14/5

On Saturday we visited Würzburg. We went to Würzburg by boat and this was really a beautiful experience! The weather was marvellous and hot!

Würzburg is a big town near Veitshöchheim and I really liked it! It has a beautiful fortress with an amazing view on the Main River and a very lively centre.

At night we slept for the last night in Germany.

Sunday 15/5

We had lunch another time at McDonald’s.

When we arrived I was very happy to see my family.

It’s amazing how excited I left and how happy I came back.

Samuele Dainelli 3A secondaria